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Do you ever wonder what happened to that happy couple you used to be?

Do you find yourself worrying that you'll end up like all those other divorced couples?

Some days do you feel unable to get out of bed, paralyzed by fear or overwhelming heaviness?

Do you wake up in terror, agonizing over something that happened days, or even years, ago?

Rest assured, you are far from alone with such musings. They are a normal part of the process we call Life, with its ebbs and flows, ups and downs, joys and heartaches.

But sometimes it can seem so overwhelming that you may find yourself paralyzed, unable to move forward toward those hopes and dreams that used to seem so vivid.

The good news is that you don't have to work through your struggles alone. We can help by providing a safe place in which to explore your feelings, to develop a plan to turn things around, an approach to help you put love and happiness back into your life.

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